GNC Sirsa aspires to be a role model for institutional excellence in higher education among leading institutions in India as a multidisciplinary college fostering excellence in teaching, community service, capacity building and nurturing socially responsible leaders through an eclectic and sustainable approach. 


In pursuit of its Vision, GNC Sirsa shall strive to provide an enriching and intellectually engaging learning environment for students including participation in community service projects and in regional and national academic, cultural, sports and other events. GNC shall promote a culture of excellence in all activities of the College by implementing good practices aimed at personal and professional development of students, faculty members, and non-academic staff.

We at GNC Sirsa will 

  • Focus on outcomes and impact.
  • Highest ethical standards in personal and professional behaviour.
  • The promotion of pluralism and celebration of diversity.
  • Collegiality and team work.
  • Concern for the environment.
  • Transparency and accountability to all stakeholders.